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Ου καταισχυνώ όπλα τα ιερά, ουδ’ εγκαταλείψω τον παραστάτην (I shall not disgrace the sacred weapons neither the guardian shall I let down)

It’s a cloudy Monday afternoon shortly after some good news and processes we had the past few months, so know I guess that smooth sense of tiredness is absolutely the most apropriate feeling…

The last weekend I was thinking a discusion I had with my dear mentor; well, we were talking about a big congress which is about to take place in some days in US and actually is the biggest in Psychiatry, so you can imagine that everybody wants to go there… Except me!

I had explained to my mentor that it is a way to protest and to declare my disaggrement against whatever I think is unfair and wrong, in my way of thinking.

Besides, except their wrong foreign policy, I strongly believe that being searched like the way they use to, anyone who wants to visit their country is absolutely insaulting and against any kind of human dignity and pride… It really creates bad corellations and as an individual I am opposing to that treatment, so by not travelling there is the least I can do to »go on public» my disaggrement.

When I said that even last year I didn’t accept to travel over the Atlantic because of the same reasons, then he looked at me and he said calmly, like he always does to me:

»Dimos you have a dysfunctional pride», then he started explaining that due to that disfunctional pride I step aside thus I sacrifice my thirst to knowledge and the need to be in the center of the Psychiatric world, while things ARE happening and that is a pitty, trully sad and actually it can cause me problems, by remaining in the back…

With other words, being flexible would be smarter and the profit would be greater…

I know; I am so rigid sometimes, I even surprise my self but on the other hand…

I mean, how about the ideas? Ideology? Is it dead? Is it so bad that we somehow try to save some dignity and pride, still?

It was some few decades ago when people died for their believes, not to mention countries they fought to death only because they wanted to stand for their pride.

How can we oppose ourselfs against that insaulting phobia, against that madness we live and the theory that says »if you are not with us then you are against us»?

I do not belong to left, never did and hopefully never will, but do I have to belong that side or the other to reallise that the whole thing sucks and is totally unfair? If we do not shout our opposition and if we do not demand justice and peace, dignity and equal rights to everyone then how can we expect the world will change in better? How can we look our children in the eyes and tell them that , we did a little bit that will help you live better?

Not to mention to look at our selfs…

I know that all those I wonder and dream are difficult to reach and nowadays sound kinda silly but so long I can feel OK with my principles and I think I do the right thing, so long I think that unjustice and humiliation rulle our world then it worhs the effort.

Even if I have to waste some nore hours of sleep to get in touch with the updates of Psychiatry…